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Waste Bin Section Roller Housing

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Mentioned below in brief is the printing process:

In one of the stages the primary charge roller places a uniform negative DC bias voltage on the opc drum surface. The amount of the negative DC bias placed on the drum is controlled by the printers intensity setting. This process is called conditioning. Hence the need to change the primary charge roller every cycle to give a uniform negative DC bias. Non compliance of the above might lead to faulty printing

In another stage the laser beam is fired on to a rotating mirror called the scanner. As the mirror rotates, the beam reflects into a set of burberry bags outlet focusing lens. The beam then strikes the opc surface leaving a latent electrostatic image on the drum. The opc drum should be mint new, as otherwise image distortion would take place

In secondary stages the toner image is developed on the drum by the developing section which contains the toner particle. The toner is held to the magnetic roller sleeve by the stationery magnet inside the sleeve and the DC bias voltage supplied by the high voltage power supply. Critical to note here is that the toner powder used, should be of the highest quality for proper attraction by the magnetic sleeve. Also important to note is that the magnetic sleeve is to be replaced in all cycles due to its critical function of proper attraction of the toner powder.

In the waste bin section, the wiper blade performs the all important function of cleaning the opc drum. If the blade is not changed, it leads to flip overs and spills leading to dots over the printout and subsequent printer damage. Hence it is imperative to change the wiper blade very cycle.


The five critical components mentioned above are a must for proper functioning of the cartridge and need to be replaced every cycle.

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